Air Hose & Reel

Flexzilla Air Hose offers zero memory so it lies flat where you drop it. An it won't work against you while in use or coiling-even in sub zero conditions. It's extreme all-weather flexibility is due to a Flexible Hybrid Polymer material that redefines flexibility. This hose will not kink when pressurized. 

“This is a great hose for a mechanic …It handles the daily scraping across concrete. The cold never bothers it and it has never curled around my ankle like a python looking for it`s next meal. It lays exactly where you want it too…”

- Amazon Revew

"After 50 years of near fist fights with hoses the Flexzilla came into my life! Bar none the most amazing hose I have ever had. NO KINKS OR STIFFNESS ever "

- Amazon Review