Carpenter Project

The Carpenter Project is a one-for-one model focused on building houses for at-risk individuals in third world countries. When you partner your house with the Carpenter Project, a small portion of the cost goes toward building a house for a refugee family. The Carpenter Project aims for sustainability by using predominantly local materials and utilizing refugee labor to build homes in order to provide a place for refugees to flourish.

Will Hansen grew up in a construction environment. He gained a passion for building houses as he worked alongside his father and brother. As a teenager, Will had the opportunity to travel to Mexico with his church and build a house for a family. That experience changed his view of the world forever. He was troubled by the disparity between the difficult living conditions he witnessed in Mexico and those of comfort he saw in the U.S.

Will began to form the idea for the Carpenter Project as a result of this experience, and was finally able to realize his dream when he formed his own construction company, the Hansen Bros. Will Hansen believes that as Christians we have been called to be a helping hand to those that are broken and to be the builders of broken walls (Isaiah 58:12).