The Launch Of The Spray Sealants Gun

The Ninth Annual Energy Efficiency Makeover 2016 Contest will begin on May 1, 2016. This year, 17 grand prizes valued at up to $5,000 in energy efficiency improvements will be awarded to one member from each of Arkansas' 17 electric distribution cooperatives.

Winners' homes will undergo a comprehensive energy audit to determine the cause of their higher than normal bills and comfort issues. Then, each home will receive a caulking and sealing package to reduce air infiltration, increased attic insulation, an energy-efficient light bulb retrofit, repair and sealing of the heating and cooling system ductwork, and a heating and cooling system tune-up. 

The patent pending Spray Sealants Gun is a very affordable and effective way for one person to apply an air sealant through a 24oz can. The Spray Sealants Gun can provide spray applications for the weatherization professional or any contractor that needs to apply a low pressure SPF in hard to reach areas that are difficult or even prohibitive with a spray foam insulation kit. The spray gun has been designed to allow the use of 24oz cans and because it has an adjustable nozzle pattern the operator can go from a bead pattern to a fan pattern in a matter of seconds. This allows the insulation contractor to use the Spray Sealants Gun to either insulate or air seal the areas around a residential house such as the air duct boots, attics, crawl spaces and rim joists.