Looking for Foam Hacks?

What is a foam hack? Well, good question. That is the name that we give people who want to be creative with artistic spray foam and who can make amazing things if given the right tools. So we wanted to develop a kit that would fit those " makers " but because we too are great at hacking, we are currently working on what the kit will include. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, give us a shout. Join all of our other Foam Hacks and lets have some fun!

What makes the Foam Hacks Kit so effective is that it gives almost anyone the tools to fix and seal almost any building material no matter what they are working on. The secret to the kit is that it uses polyurethane closed cell foam sealant which has proven to have tremendous adhesion capabilities to almost any substrate. Once foam sealant is applied to a surface, it immediate begins to expand and then cure which creates not just an air tight seal, but also some structure to the entire assembly. 

Spray foam's discovery was the result of a lab accident, but it went on to become a leading material for building insulation and sealing. Like with other materials once reserved for the commercial realm, artists, crafters and hobbyist found novel applications for spray foam and are applying them to their creative endeavors. Are you a foam hack?

Artistic spray foam can have a functional element too. Using simple molds, light weight, detailed and realistic boulders, garden borders or decorative stones can be made. They can be designed with hollow interiors that can house outdoor speakers or hide landscaping eyesores like utility boxes or pipe outlets/ Not only can you design, shape and color your creation to unique specifications, you can save a substantial amount over purchasing these types of ready-made items. 

Some crafters think big with their spray foam projects and use it in the creation for sets and background pieces for community theatre, school or church plays or for purely decorative reasons. Light, easily movable and paintable buildings, animals, trees and more can be created with only foam and imagination. When you do a project like this, you become a real foam hack.