Orange Fire Block
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Orange  Fireblock Cylinder Foam is a one-component polyurethane ( OCF ) sealant specifically designed and colored orange to seal annual spaces around plumbing penetrations, sill plates, headers, cables, ducts and other penetrations between rooms and floors. A critical advantage of the Orange Fireblock Cylinder Foam is it's was of use and its effectiveness at blocking smoke and toxic gases. The foam sealant stops air infiltration by blocking air from entering/escaping through gaps which prevents the flames, smoke and gases from spreading. The product is for use in Type V residential construction. Firebrick foam sealants are not intended for use in hourly rated assemblies. The product is for professional use only. 

The cylinder foam version is designed to be dispensed through a flexible hose with a metal wand but for added control, you could add a Foam Sealants Gun. The pre-pressurized, portable OCF system, applied in a bead form, expands and cures slowly to a semi-rigid, closed cell foam upon reaction with moisture, such as ambient humidity. The Orange Fireblock dries tack-free in approximately 5 minutes or less and will adhere to itself if more foam need be applied. 

Orange FireBlock Cylinder Foam adheres to almost all building materials with the exception of surfaces such as polyethylene, Teflon, silicone, oils, greases and similar materials. Optimum chemical temperature is 65 degrees to 80 degrees but may be applied in cold or hot ambient conditions, as long as the optimal chemical temperature range is maintained. Cured foam is dimensionally stable and known to be resistant to temperatures ranging between 200 and 240 degrees. 

Orange FireBlock is water resistant and will not harm electrical wire insulations, Romex, rubber, PVC, polyethylene or other plastics. It is approved for use around wires, plumbing penetrations, etc and contains no formaldehyde. When cured, polyurethane foam is permanent, chemically inert and non reactive.