We are proud of our recent acceptance by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to allow our request to use the AireBarrier logo for our brand of sealant technologies. While we recognize that AireBarrier is the name of a product and not the actual air barrier system, because chemistries are mostly polyurethane based, we know that this AireBarrier trademark will assist us in our marketing as many of the industries which are served by our company do not know how air barriers work or how they could benefit them. This trademark is currently offered on the following chemistries:

AireBarrier Black Spray Sealants

AireBarrier White Spray Sealants

AireBarrier Green Spray Foam

AireBarrier Spray Sealants are materials that are used anywhere in a building assembly to stop the movement of air into or out of the conditioned space (water vapor can also be transported by air). Air barriers can be mechanically fastened building wraps, self-adhered membranes, fluid-applied materials, insulating boardstock, non-insulating boardstock, spray polyurethane foam, poured concrete, metal, glass, and a host of other materials.

Air permeance is the amount of air that permeates through a material, whereas air leakage is the air that passes through holes or gaps. Any material that has a air permeance that is not greater than 0.02 L/(s·m²) at a pressure difference of 75 Pa (0.004 cfm/ft2 at a pressure difference of 1.56 lb/ft2) when tested in accordance with ASTM E 2178 is a air barrier material.